“If I purchase plans from a web site or magazine, can you build from them?”

Purchased plans can be used, but local building codes and engineering requirements will have to be incorporated in the plans. We work with designers, architects, and engineers to help integrate Santa Barbara County requirements into your choice of plans.

“Can you give me a price for my house using the square footage?”

We can give you a ball park figure based on the square footage for budget purposes but we estimate your home using a detailed ‘stick takeoff’ system. In custom homes, a number of factors will affect your actual costs. Some of these factors include lot elevation and site work, the type of interior finish work, floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, windows, landscaping, driveway and walkways, as well as the size of unheated areas such as porches and garages, At Mann Construction, we give you an ‘Allowance’ for items such as: Front door, Shutters, Bathroom Fixtures, Light Fixtures, Wood Flooring, Security System, Carpet, Cabinets & Tops, Appliances, Ceramic Tile, Shelving, Overhead Garage Doors and Door Hardware. These allowances represent the amount that we have budgeted to complete these items based on what you tell us you want in your home. Allowances may differ among builders and will make a difference in the final price, so you must evaluate these line items carefully with your builder. Be sure that your allowances will cover any particular item you may have chosen – for example wood flooring will be more expensive than carpet, professional style appliances will cost more than standard.

“What is an Adjusted Square Foot?”

The term adjusted square footage describes the total area of a home, not just the heated square footage. The footage most people are familiar with is the heated square footage which is, of course, the area of the house that is conditioned space. There are, however, many other parts of the house such as porches, decks and garage that contribute to the cost and must be calculated to obtain the total.

“How long does it take to build a home?”

While small homes and additions take approximately 12 weeks to complete, larger projects often take 3 – 6 months. Custom design homes may require up to a year or more depending upon their specifications.

“What makes Mann Construction stand out from other builders”

We build your house on paper, the way you want it, before we build it on the ground. For us to generate an estimate for your house, we require input from you. We can guide you with the decisions and selections you need to make and we encourage you to meet with our preferred vendors and trade contractors. Their expertise in their respective field is invaluable and they are an integral part of our home building team. When we present you with a price to build your home, we are confident we have thoroughly gone through the details of your home. If necessary, we will work with you to ‘value engineer’ your home to meet your budget. During the building process, Mann Construction is involved with every facet of the construction phase as well as our experienced project superintendents on your job site daily. Several of our employees have worked with our company for more than ten years. They are true craftsmen who are committed to building a quality home for you.

“Can you provide a list of references?”

Yes, we have a list of homeowners we have served in the past as well as bank and vendor references available upon request.